The paths exist.
You just need the guide.

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In no uncertain order, we’re pretty sure there are three things that sociologists and general do-gooders have forgotten to prioritize in their “ways to make the world better” list:

  • Ridding travel site algorithms of their stereotypes and off-point recommendations when you want to find a cool place to eat, stay or go.

  • Reminding the friends you ask for recommendations, that when you ask, you expect them TO stop right then and tailor the perfect answer just for you.

  • Reminding the friends that ask you for recommendations, that when they ask, you can't just drop everything because they're hungry or bored.

That said, with the current preoccupation with stopping war, famine, suffering, and global annihilation, it might be a minute before the forces of good get around to solving our travel problems.

So we went out and asked Tenzing.

He’s the guide who’s travelled all the roads before. Tagging along on your friends’ trips around town and across the world, keeping track of the details on every amazing destination from which they’ve selfie snapped, Instagrammed, or taken photos only to bury them on their smartphone and never bothered to post.

He's the one who keeps track of your expedition crew, paying attention to who-actually-knows-who and sharing photos and recommendations only between people that trust each other in the real world.

And he’s the one who knows from experience how important it is to match the right path and destination with the right traveller.

So stop bothering your friends. Stop listening to the bots.

Just say, #Tellmetenzing

Welcome to the world of experiences your friends have been trying to tell you about.

Trust the path. Enjoy the Journey.

Start Exploring