Our Team


Kartik Ramachandran


Just a good-for-nothing state-line-hoppin so-and-so with an exquisite dog. Kartik was found tagging predictive algorithms under freeway overpasses when Jillian first discovered him. Sometimes he still closes his eyes and likes things randomly on travel sites to see if their formulas can come any closer to guessing what he actually enjoys doing in real life. 



Cullen Childress


Fortunately for us, Cullen's brother asked him one too many times what to do when he comes to visit Cullen and his family in Austin. "Dammit, you ask me every time! I'm just going to build you an app," he grunted, flipped his visor backwards, rolled up the sleeves on his golf shirt, and got to work.  The result? Tenzing. Thanks brother Childress. You've pushed our mad product genius just far enough!


Sai Headshot.jpg

Sai Krishna


'I'll meet you there,' he'll mumble, as he races out ahead of you with his decompiler and his trusty mutt. Sai leads our team of digital trailbuilders that make the magic happen. Just don't get left behind ...and always remember to pack out.


Jillian Wheeler


"I can do anything," she whispers, after 4 nights without sleep, an IV of cold brew in her arm, creating artboards through a cold sweat and emotionless tears from whatever city in the world she is presently loitering 


Emily Cho

Honorary Co-FOUNDER

Ego creavit ipsum loren et singula singulis website ut vere off minxit me non credit in me, sicut Internet Suspendisse. [We don't know where Emily is or if she still works for us, so just follow @tellmetenzing for updates...]


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